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Through my poster, I want young adults/college students/high school students to understand that having a reputable image online is crucial for their professional career. I also want to promote that young adults should begin adopting professionalism in their life. My audience is primarily college students and high school students, but all young adults could apply. After researching social media reputation, I have learned that many young adults put out unfavorable content on the internet, and that makes it harder for them to get jobs. So, in my poster I specifically targeted college students and high school students because many are out there right now looking for jobs, but many are not utilizing a crucial tool, LinkedIn. Specifically I suggest that my audience start making a reputable online image by creating or bettering their LinkedIn profiles.

The first point I want to imply is that LinkedIn is crucial in the employment market and that by creating a LinkedIn profile, college students and high school students can better their chances of getting hired. In the poster, I present a checklist that a job candidate should have. The confident young man in the poster shows that he has accomplished in having a professional social media account—LinkedIn, by having the LinkedIn logo next to the checked off “box”. The point of this imagery is to show that young adults should have a LinkedIn profile on their list of requirements. It also implies that having social media “in check” would increase the chances for employment. The underlining in red and the largeness of the Linkedin logo also suggests that Linkedin was the largest factor that got the young man in the poster hired. I again show that young adults are more likely to get hired if they have a LinkedIn profile with the imagery of the young man’s speech bubble. In speech bubble, the imagery of him with the LinkedIn logo on his suitcase and him getting chosen in the lineup, is suggesting that his presence on Linkedin got him the job. The text in the young man’s speech bubble— also suggests that if students who have “linked-in” the internet realm— have a better chance of getting hired.

The second point that I want to imply is that some of the young adults that come to college to party or to have fun, most importantly, should clean up their online reputation by utilizing LinkedIn in their social medias. In the poster, I present  “the young frat boy” look and persona, depicted by the young man’s faux mohawk and sunglasses. The imagery of the young man’s college party life (cool shades) juxtaposed with his professionalism(suit) shows that he is breaking the stereotype of the irresponsible college student. His duel life shows that young adults can have fun and be professional. The checklist also indicates that he is breaking free from the “the young frat boy” persona( which is seen in the media as young men who ruin their professional reputation by posting pictures of them partying and drinking, or simply being irresponsible with the content they put online)  by having a clean online identity and being proactive in the online community— i.e., having his LinkedIn “in check”.

The third point I want to imply that it is crucial that young adults act now. That they should be actively building their online images now and sharpening their professional qualities. In my poster, I imply this with the glaring and strong red font. The red font in the poster depicts the urgency– that is commonly associated with that color– and so it should express the importance of acting now to my audience. Red is also a very aggressive color—and with that I want to evoke a little fear of the possibility not getting hired. So I am aggressively suggesting that my audience should create a LinkedIn account by underlining it in red. I am hinting that if my audience do not have the qualities printed/underlined in red, then they should fear for their professional future. I want to invoke fear because the job market is a competitive field, and young adults need to be a little fearful, so they have a drive to compete. Also, the red font paired with the checkmarks, clearly tells my audience what they should be doing. The periods in the phrases in the poster, suggests an ultimatum. I want my audience to understand that if they want to do well in this competitive job market they need to expand themselves efficiently and immediately–by presenting themselves as skilled and accomplished beings–on the internet. Thus I paired the periods with professional qualities listed in the poster(experience, communication, education, skills and LinkedIn) implying that these requirements are absolutely needed to compete and do well in the competitive job market. A period paired with the phrase “link-in and get picked” also hints that acting now and creating a LinkedIn is ultimately what young adults should be doing right now

After a semester of researching and informing myself on social media, I truly understand the weight that your online image holds in your social and professional life. Social media can do wonders for your professional career, and so I want young adults to start using it effectively. LinkedIn is the most effective of the social medias in getting people hired. In my research, I found that LinkedIn had statistically shown to aid young adults in their professional career, and so I hope that my PSA convinced my audience to start a LinkedIn.

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