Recruiters Call For The Use Of Social Media

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Recruit Better Tech Talent (Image from cio)

As the job market branches out onto the digital plane, many people come to a debate over the idea of using social media in job recruitment. One side, the job recruiters, are in favor of using social media accounts to screen their candidates. Recruiters make their best argument for the use of social media accounts during recruitment, when they say that screening social media accounts allows for an enhanced and thorough assessment of the candidates.

The top three social media outlets that recruiters review (Image from

Each month, nearly 30% of the world’s population use sites like Facebook, Instagram and Google+ to connect with people and to access information from all over the world. So it is nearly impossible to think that these social platforms would not be utilized in job recruitment processes. In fact, it was reported in Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, that an astounding “93 percent of the 1,855 recruiting professionals plan to use social media in their recruiting process”(Kasper).

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In the article “3 Ways to Use Social Media to Recruit Better Tech Talent”, the author, Sharon Florentine, presents ways recruiters use social media screening to enrich the recruitment process. She states that surveying a candidate’s social media account gives recruiters a glimpse into their candidates lives– which aids for better assessment of the candidate. When recruiters screen social media account for the recruitment, it allows them a chance to get to know their candidate even before the interviews–this then endorses a healthy and safe environment for the recruiter and the candidate when the interviews and face to face processes take place. She also mentions that recruiters use social media accounts because they can provide detailed information about a candidate’s background and work experience. Successful recruiting can only happen through the screening of social media because “it allows not only information about a candidate’s experience and skills, but a better glimpse into their lifestyle, values and their cultural fit, which is crucial for companies looking not just to recruit and hire, but also to engage employees and improve retention rates”(Florentine). When recruiters screen their candidates– through LinkedIn or Facebook, they get to see the personality of the candidates, and this valuable insight can help them accurately and judge the candidates.

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(Image from Jobvite)

Recruiters also argue that it’s often overlooked that social media screening has proven to be extremely useful for discovering and sourcing their candidates. In a recent study conducted by CareerBuilder found that “33 percent of employers who research candidates on social networking sites say they’ve found content that made them more likely to hire a candidate and nearly 23 percent found content on their social media accounts that directly led to them hiring the candidate”(Grasz). In the eyes of the recruiters, social media has played a role as a supplementary factor in their selection process and more than likely it has led to the betterment of the candidates.

The Switch app (image from businessinsider)

Yarden Tadmor, CEO and founder of anonymous job search and recruiting app Switch says that social media screening is especially vital when discovering talent with the “perfect cultural fit”. Switch “filters candidates through the lenses of their Facebook profiles, Twitter feeds and other platforms”, which helps recruiters select the candidates that would “fit the culture” of their company(Florentine). Recruiters analyze the information on the social media accounts and then judge if the candidates are equipped–socially– enough to work in their companies. This “social” analysis can only be acquired through social media accounts.

Recruiters also want to stress the fact that using social media is one of the many components in the recruitment process. Cristin Sturchio, global head of Talent at Cognolink believes that introducing Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin within the recruiting process is inexhaustible–and to get rid of it would be taking a step back in the sphere of recruitment. “When we’re on the fence about a candidate’s resume, we use LinkedIn to find out how involved they are in the LinkedIn community and throughout the industry”(Florentine). Other methods, such as interviews and resumes are still used, and very much factor in the recruitment process but social media screening is a medium that allows for the recruitment process to be simple and fruitful– and to take or limit that away would be disservice to the time and effort everyone( job seekers and recruiters) puts into the recruitment.


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